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  • Fibe i Oliwka 

  • Koszalin, FOTA STEP

Fot. Konrad Werkowicz - Fibe i Oliwka

They come from Koszalin, where in February 2006 they opened their dance school, which is now one of the most active ones in the city.

Trained by many great instructors and choreographers they gained experience in various dance styles. This allowed them to develop their unique style.

Before they opened Fota Step Fibe and Oliwka danced at many National Championships and gained great success abroad, including Polish Championship three times or finals at the World Championships.

Fibe is a Certified Instructor of Dance. Title given by the Ministry of Culture, National Cultural Center he won in June 2004, after graduating two-year qualifying Instructor Course in Warsaw.

Oliwka graduated in physical education at the University of Szczecin. Together with her best dancers she founded the group, which can be seen in various parts of the Poland giving workshops and performing on stage.

Step Fota - is there, where salsa is mixed with hiphop.


  • Ania Cegłowska 

  • Trójmiasto, DanceFusion

Ania Cegłowska


Ania began her salsa adventure as teenager, during her stay in New York. Dance experience and Latin America's culture fascination with its most modern form of dance, which is reggaeton got deeper during her numerous visits in the Spanish capital of salsa, Barcelona.

She is one of the first Zumba instructors in Poland and first one in Pomerania district and its huge propagator. She teaches regular classes of Zumba, Zumba Toning and Zumbatomic, as well as many weekend Zumba marathons.

Participants of her classes always come out loaded with positive energy and happy to come back. Since she hosted the first ever Zumba classes in 3-city, she is still educates herself and gains higher stages of know-how.

Her attendance at the classes means hectoliters of sweat and hours of fun, new, exciting choreography and energetic music



  • Agnieszka Piotrowicz 

  • Trójmiasto, DanceFusion

Agnieszka Piotrowicz

Agnieszka's adventure with dance began when she was 13 years old. She put her first steps on the dance floor studio "Fala" in Sopot. Ballroom dance was an instant hit and begun Agnieszka's passion for dance, which continues till today.

The desire to explore new dance techniques and master the difficult art of "body awareness" took her to salsa classes, where rhythms of Cuban music and sounds of clave gave her new possibilities for choreography interpretation and awakened their femininity.

Her true herself she discovered during a holiday visit to Barcelona, ​​where hot rhythms of reggaeton and salsa made the dance spontaneous. Interpretation of music has become her way of expressing emotions and the dance floor the place where she feels at the right place


  • Paweł "Boogalu" Bugała &  Magda Woźnikiewicz

  • Warszawa,  Boogalu & Magda - Cuban Salsa Style

Boogalu i Magda



Dancers with years of experience. They live and teach in Warsaw. As the couple they work together since 2011, after being on the second place at the International Grand Prix of Salsa - Primavera Salsa Open in Wroclaw.

They are known for a very dynamic style of dance with close connection to the interpretation of music. During the classes they teach casino secrets in pairs, salsa suelta, interpretation of timba, Tembleque y despelote, cuban ladies styling, men's styling and Rueda de casino.


They put huge attention to details and a lot of technical guidance to dance the Cuban style naturally. Attention is put to the interpretation of music and fun, dynamic movements as well


  • Piotr "Agassi" Chajkowski

  • Poznań,

Bailar Casino - Piotr "Agassi" Chajkowski


Instructor and founder of the Cuban salsa school in Poznań - He is primarily a dancer and also an instructor for several years already. He began to teach after his friends asked him to share the source of his inspirations with them and to teach them to enjoy music and dance.


He teaches Casino, Rueda de Casino and everything associated with the above. He focuses entirely on the Cuban style.

With great passion and attention to technical nuances he is teaching, leading solid Cuban dance events in Poznań, and - as often mentioned - always looking for something beyond his capabilities.

Piotr has won several prestigious dance awards but he does not like to mention that. He always says that in dance - what counts above all - is passion for music, a kind of obsession for it at the dance floor, the freedom and the pleasure of movement. No trophies offer this, what can a brief, spontaneous dancing give - especially when nobody is looking

  • DJ


  • Crashu 

  • Warszawa, soundcloud


Crashu is producer and DJ. His first compositions in climates of goa-trance were hits of the "old" Radiostacja and some CD were published in journals about club music. He co-authored one of the first Polish compilation of drum and bass music. In 2002 he began to play in clubs in Lódź, often mixing his own compositions in sets of music played.

The new passion - dancing, took him to salsa and kizomba school, where he got to know Latin and Afro rhythms. Inspired by events in Lisbon, he began to mix Kizomba with sets of his own remixes. He played at parties in Montuno Aye, Salsa Libre, Kizomba Festival Warsaw, Warsaw Salsa Festival, Bachaturo and Campus Radio in a broadcast "Mix Week".



  • Jerzy Yoorek Pociej 

  • Trójmiasto

Jerzy Yoorek Pociej

Yoorek's adventure with Latino music started a few years ago in Gdańsk, where he lives and works. Dancing consumed him entirely but equally important for him is promotion of music and dance. He is the organizer of the famous salsa parties in Hotel Haffner in Sopot, that are organized since 2008, where Mambo, Bachata and Kizomba reigns.

As a DJ at Biba Salsowa in 2009 he was responsible for bachata deck. He also played at Biba in 2010 and 2011. He was invited to work at Bachata Lovers Festival, SUMMER SALSA Festival and Bachaturo.

He regularly plays during Friday's salsa parties (organized by Salsa Club) in Sopot in Pick'n'Roll club



  • Łukasz "Łyzio" Łyszkiewicz 

  • Bydgoszcz, Fabryka Tańca

Łukasz Łyzio Łyszkiewicz

Łukasz "Łyzio" Łyszkiewicz tasted the rhythm of music of "clave" in 2006. He devoted himself completely and since then he specialize in salsa and similar dances such as bachata, merengue, reggeaton.

He is a teacher of Rueda de casino and casino.

Additionally he organizes salsa events and parties in Bydgoszcz and mixes salsa



  • - DJ Robert

Robert Kamiński - DJ



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