Dance prescriptions

Carnival is the time of fun and dancing. We organized a large dose of dancing and interesting contests for you. Since the cruise's theme is - reanimation , we would like to encourage you to dress as nurses, patients, doctors and paramedics. The most interesting costume will be awarded during cosplay (costume presentation).


When you want to dance

Those who want to start adventure with social dances - you will be able to put your dance first steps under the guidance of instructors. Salsa, Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata will not be difficult names for you anymore, they will become part of your life.



ZumbaZumba lovers will also not get bored. Instructors have prepared 8 hours of hot dance madness for you.


Dance, dance and dance ...

And the 'old crew' will dance simultaneously on two dance-floors. Sounds of kizomba, zouk, bachata and salsa will play for you all the time. And all that thanks to guest DJs from different parts Poland.


Reanimation Program:


  • Bachata - Basics

  • Zouk - Basics

  • Salsa Suelta - Basics

  • Zumba - Basics

  • Footwork Bachata - Intermediate

  • Reggaeton - Intermediate

  • Rueda de Casino - Intermediate

  • Zumba - Intermediate

  • Zumba - Advanced

  • Maybe: Kizomba - Basics

  • Maybe: Kizomba - Intermediate



  • Changing roles
    Ladies lead and gentlemen are invited for a dance and follow the ladies

  • Dark Party
    Some of the dancers are blindfolded while dancing. Nobody knows who they dance with. [Idea of Patryk S.]

  • Pajama party
    Late at night, before bedtime - last dances in pajamas

  • Dance and copy - Battle of sexes
    Representatives of the two sexes invent the section of steps that must be repeated.

  • Cosplay - a contest for the best costume
    Participants dressed as doctors, nurses and patients will present their own costumes. The best costume will be awarded.

  • Dance 'familiada'
    What do we know about dance



  • simultaneous dancing in the rhythm of salsa, bachata, kizomba, zouk, casino and reggaeton on 2 dance-floors

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